The Only Way to Change a Voter's Mind

July 14 2020,
Harry Cheadle

VetsForward, headed by Aaron Marquez, is a project of Forward Majority, a Democratic super PAC launched in 2017 that focuses on flipping state legislatures in a few key states, including Arizona.

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Why Isn't Martha McSally Outraged Over the Russian Bounty Scandal?

July 5, 2020
Aaron Marquez
Aaron Marquez with Afghan Elders

Senator McSally, how about you show some concern for your brothers and sisters in combat who are putting their lives on the line to create a safer world?

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There’s a Reason Trump Is Fighting Hard for Arizona

June 23, 2020
Jennifer Medina

Aaron Marquez, a former captain in the Army Reserves, runs VetsForward, a Democratic-aligned group that relies on military veterans to sway voters in swing districts.

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