Phoenix Union Alumni Endorse Aaron

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Trevor G. Browne High School, Class of 2020

Juste Murisho

I endorse Aaron Marquez because he’s the only person that has shown he cares about us, the students. He has gone out of his way to meet and speak with the students that he’s fighting for.
Camelback High School, Class of 2020

Roxana Valdez

As a community, it’s important to acknowledge and listen to all the working parts. I endorse Aaron Marquez because he recognizes student’s holistic needs from restorative practice to empowering policies.
South Mountain High School, Class of 2020

Alyssia Thomas

Aaron Marquez has shown that he cares for student wellness, safety, and most importantly, their voices. He has shown that he wants to make true and progressive change for the Phoenix Union High School District, and that is why I am endorsing him.
North High School, Class of 2019

Esmeralda Gonzalez

Aaron Marquez has served our country and community for years, and makes time to listen to students and people already working in our communities who may better understand issues we are neglecting. I feel that endorsing Aaron Marquez as a candidate for the PUHSD Governing Board is vital because we need louder and more consistent conversations to address any underlying issues of racism, classism, and toxicity in academia. PUHSD should aim to provide a safe environment that allows students to dream for a better future.
Betty H. Fairfax High School, Class of 2020

Spencer E. Llewelyn

It's my pleasure to endorse Aaron Marquez as a candidate for the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board. It is my belief that he will be an advocate and voice for the youth of our PXU schools. It's time to invest in our future and our students. A vote for Marquez is a vote for the future of the next generation.
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Metro Tech High School, Class of 2020

Fatina Mulumba

I support Aaron Marquez’s campaign because change needs to happen and he will be the one to bring that change. Not only does Aaron Marquez have great plans in store for the Phoenix Union District, but he also cares about the students and their thoughts and ideas.
North High School, Class of 2019

Sidney Barrett

I support Aaron because I believe he will be able move Phoenix Union in the right direction for the future. He takes special care to listen to students, parents, and faculty alike. His plans are beneficial to all and well thought out. I would be proud to have him on our Governing Board.
North High School, Class of 2019

Anecee Gonzalez

I endorse Aaron Marquez's campaign because I appreciate his motives and the fact that he actively takes advice from the alumni and students who have very recent experience with the PUHSD. We need more people like Aaron to make high school a better quality use of time for the students of Phoenix.
Central High School, Class of 2020

Aaliyah Moore

Throughout my High School career I’ve never witnessed anyone willing to fight for the best interest of our students by giving us a voice. I endorse Aaron Marquez simply because he works with students, a primary source that is usually overlooked, to get stuff done and fix what's damaged.
Cesar Chavez High School, Class of 2020

Jaren Doromal

I believe Aaron will give the students of Phoenix Union a chair at the table so that their opinions and concerns are heard! It is important that the district listens to the students it serves on a day to day basis.
South Mountain High School, Class of 2020

Jude Bauer

I decided to endorse Aaron because he portrays himself as a strong, reliable advocate for the trans community, and he has a long track record of getting results for the people and communities he is serving. I think he would be a powerful member of the district governing board who would be able to change the schools for the better. He speaks about inclusivity, and that's what we need in times like these.
North High School, Class of 2020

Abia Khan

I support Aaron because he is committed to the students of Phoenix Union and has been including student voices in his campaign. I am so proud to have been able to work with him because it is clear that he values the perspectives of students; During conversations with students, he is extremely attentive and actively listens to their experiences, and he is very intentional in how he speaks, qualities that are rare among politicians.
North High School, Class of 2020

Lee Miller

I’m glad to support Aaron Marquez because he has a passion to ensure the best environment for kids. As a disabled person, high school was a nightmare for me. Aaron has made very clear with me that he wants to ensure the enrichment and safety of kids with disability, which is a value I hold very near and dear to my heart.
Betty H. Fairfax High School, Class of 2020

Jayda Canisales

I endorse Aaron Marquez because he listens to students and has a progressive mind to further change policies that help students today. We need a voice that amplifies the need of opportunities for students of color and he is willing to advocate for us.