Protecting Our Democracy

Aaron supports Automatic Voter Registration, Free State IDs, Same Day Registration, Expanded Early Voting up to Election Day, and Counting Ballots Postmarked by Election Day. Aaron also supports making Election Day a state and federal holiday to encourage working families to vote and celebrate our democracy. The easier we make voting, the more people will participate. As a cornerstone of a functioning democracy, we should do everything possible to make voting easy and accessible for every Arizonan.

Improving Our Schools

Arizona parents and students deserve access to a high-quality education right in their neighborhoods, and as a state representative, not only will I fight to implement a more comprehensive curriculum and increase the quality of education, but I will also fight to keep our students safe. Especially with the recent attack on transgender student-athletes with the passage of SB 1165, the Arizona State Legislature is actively perpetuating discrimination in our schools, and as a state representative, I will fight to remove and prevent measures that discriminate against marginalized students.

Protecting Abortion Rights

Protecting Arizona patients and providers in a post-Roe America starts with repealing archaic and barbaric state laws put on the books by the state’s territorial government and the fifteen-week abortion ban signed into law this year by Doug Ducey. Repealing these laws only happens with a Democratic majority in the legislature and Democratic control of the governor’s office. As a Democratic state representative in a Democratic majority district, Aaron will work tirelessly -- following his primary and through his term -- to raise the resources necessary to compete for a pro-abortion Democratic state legislative majority and work to elect the Democratic nominee for governor.